April 20, 2006

Freaking Nosy…

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Last night, around 10:30pm, which to me is rather late, one of our “neighbors” stopped by. He was a little odd. I wasn’t sure who he was, or how he even knew who lived in our house. I soon found out he didn’t really. He said he lived 2 houses up and he came to appologize to my little sister whom he apparantly said something rude to at the mall a few months ago. Who does that? Waits until 10:30pm to come over and appologize to a girl that he doesn’t even remember what she looks like, for something that happened months ago? At this point I was a litttle freaked out. I soon came to find out that the appology wasn’t the only thing he came over to talk about…
Our neighborhood is primarily older people. Older, nosy, people. My nanny, sisters, and the rest of my family keep to ourself. We all come and go at different times, and hardly ever see each other, so when we’re home we don’t bother with anyone. Apparantly the fact that we come and go so much has the neighborhood talking.
This guy told me that the cops sit up in his driveway (he has a big parking lot in the front) watching our house. That supposedly our neighbors are complaining that so many people are coming and going from our house all the time, and that our house is the “party house” in the neighborhood.
First of all, this couldn’t be any farther from the truth. I work 2 jobs, one fulltime, and one part time, my nanny works fulltime, and my little sister works also. When would we have time to “party”? Secondly, I can’t even remember when the last time I actually “partied” was, and I can assure you it certainly wasn’t at our house.
This, to me, is ridiculous. Do these people honestly lead such uneventful lives that they have to make up bullshit about ours because we don’t associate with them? I told this guy, the next time you see the cops sitting down there watching our house, tell them I said to just come sit in our driveway and watch if they’re really that concerned with what we’re doing. There is absolutely nothing going on in our house that should give anyone even the slightest idea that we are doing something that we aren’t supposed to be doing.
So needless to say I was a little distraught about this. Why on earth would people make up bullshit about us? And why should the cops have any reason to sit and watch our house?? It was whatever though, and I got over it.
This morning, I got up at 8 like I usually do, went and got my coffee, came home and let our dog outside. I’m standing there waiting for my dog to finish peeing and I notice this lady, she lives in the house behind us, sitting in her back yard, with her chair facing our house, and shes bending over, squinting her eyes to see in our house. When I noticed her, I immediately looked at her and said “Can I help you??” She quickly got up from the chair and pretended she was doing her gardening. WTF is wrong with people? Honestly. We don’t bother anyone. We mind our business and get our shit done. Why must everyone be so concerned with what’s going on in our house?
Anyhow, point of story….MY NEIGHBORS ARE NOSY and they need to mind their own business before I start letting myself be concerned with what THEY are doing. I’m just as good at making shit up and making something out of nothing. I think they will all come to realize this soon. *evil grin* hahaha



  1. caroline said,

    i agree 1000 percent with you i have the social service investigating me over someone that has come into my house and thought i wasn’t doing a good enough job on raising my child . they neeed to deal with someof their owprblems before they mess around and screww someelse up.

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