April 17, 2006

Happy Monday :)

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:01 pm by heather17011

What a beautiful Monday! I'm very excited that it's such a nice day, it helps get the week started on a good note.
Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. I went to Jasons house Saturday night, and stayed the night. We didn't really do much Saturday..on Sunday Jason's one roommate woke us up at like 9am and we got up and hung out with them outside and drank a little bit. It was such a nice day, so it was a good way to just relax. Then Jason had to leave for CT so I left when he did to drive home. I was supposed to go to my aunts house, but I got the worst headache and just wanted to sleep. I ended up going to bed around 8pm, and then getting up at 8 this morning, so I got a lot of sleep and I feel very refreshed đŸ™‚ definitely a good thing.
I also managed to get to the post office this morning to get my shirt I bought on ebay. That was such a headache. They tried to deliver the shirt a few days ago, but nobody was home to sign for it. So they left me a note saying they were taking it to the post office. A couple days later, when I finally got some time, I made my way to the post office to pick it up. They informed me I was at the wrong post office, and that I had to go to the other one, 10 minutes from my house to get it. That pissed me off. Why wouldnt they take it to the post office 2 minutes away?? I think this is a conspiracy against me. Anyway, this morning I woke up early so I could go get it from the other PO. I get up to where it supposedly is, and I can't for the life of me figure out where it is. I stopped at a gas station to get directions, only to find out that it was closed. It was almost 9am, and there were like 10 people waiting outside and they weren't open. Gay. Anyway, luckily since there were people outside I figured at least one of them would know where it was, and I was right. This girl told me to make a left onto the road right after the mcdonalds and it would be right there. I made a left on the road….and looked for 10 minutes to find the damn place and couldn't. Finally I decided I couldnt be late for work, so I turned around to go home. The second I turn around to leave, I see the damn post office to my left. I was so mad. I turned around, went inside, waited for another 10 minutes, and FINALLY got my shirt. Luckily it's cute, or I would have been so pissed, but now I'm just happy I got it. Hopefully I don't have to deal with that again, maybe I can convince them to take my stuff to the Post office that's actually CLOSE to my house!!
I think I'll try to make it to my aunts house tonight when I get off. I feel pretty bad about blowing her off last night, but if I hadn't had such a bad headache I definitely would have gone. We'll see how I feel when I get off.


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